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Us Open 2010

After hitting a tweener Roger Federer sliles and on the tennis court turns to day, turns on a light beam that stops the breath and warms the heart. This is the only one man power - the Roger’s one.

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—♛—-♛——-♛—-♛♛———-♛-♛———♛♛————♛————♛-♛—— RoGeR——-♛——♛—————♛———♛———♛—————♛

-♛—— RoGeR——-♛

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I can’t…..♥ ♥ ♥
… this is passion.. this is fire!
RF - US Open 2008

I can’t…..♥ ♥ ♥

… this is passion.. this is fire!

RF - US Open 2008

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Roger Federer

Us Open 2011

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Roger Federer laughing at a man doing crazy dance

I want to squishem up his little smiley face please

OMG!!! When all had start… In that brief moment my recent live changed… I lost my reason and I don’t see other than Roger. It makes me dye .. So nice and cute.

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Roger Federer - US Open 2010

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When Roger is angry is so attractive and sexy killing ♥

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This is beautiful. Great selection of pics too (love the clay on the RG balls and the rain pouring over the USO ones)

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